is a 100% plant-based food organization that was established to bring vegan fare to the market by appealing to food lovers everywhere. Our mission is to bring “all diners to the table” through food in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Starting in 2016 with our pop up dinners, farmers markets and catering, we have made a huge impact in the way people look at plant based foods. Our newest project aims to increase access to healthy affordable foods in a community that has faced chronic underinvestment, as well as health and environmental injustice, by creating local systems of growing, production and distribution. As well as empower and inform individuals and families on how to adopt and sustain a health/wealth-centered lifestyle. With a focus on food security (continuous access to nutritious, affordable foods) we aim to create a community that enriches lives and has lasting value in this underserved community.

All of our dishes are from made from scratch using high quality, mostly organic plant ingredients. With the health of the planet and ALL of its inhabitants in mind, and a minimalistic approach, we create food that is meaningful, nourishing and exceptional.

Our goal is to raise the bar when it comes to healthy plant-based foods in this community. Creating positive change with our affordable, prompt, and ultra-healthy plant-based dishes, we are able to create the change we wish to see in the world through food. Access to the extraordinary has never been easier. We are rethinking the basics, setting tables with a world of inspiration and creating new systems, all while helping to save the planet, one plate at a time.

We celebrate the idea of wanderlust - that yen for exploration that broadens the mind, upends expectations, and yields dividends in style. 

Your branches can only RISE if your ROOTs go deep! Have a deep impact, a deeper meaning and a strong connection to all those around you! We are Root to Rise Kitchen.


"Although Root to Rise doesn’t have a brick & mortar, or even a food truck, their food is effing DELICIOUS. And all vegan! It actually blows my mind how they make their food so scrumptious. Catch them at a pop up near you, you won’t be let down! They always have new and improved menu items." ~Kristen DeHaven, local vegan food blogger






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