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About Us

Root To Rise is a 100% plant-based food business that was established to bring vegan fare to the market by appealing to food lovers everywhere. Our mission is to bring “all diners to the table” by recreating familiar dishes from around the world in a meaningful and sustainable way. We specialize in food fusion as well as tradition. 

Starting in 2016 with our coursed pop-up dinners and catering, we have successfully created an amazing menu that you are sure to love. All of our dishes are made with love, from-scratch, using high quality, mostly organic ingredients. We believe in simple, wholesome ingredients, and use as few ingredients as possible to achieve our goals. With a minimalistic approach, we create food that is meaningful, nourishing and uniquel. 

Our high quality, mostly organic ingredients primarily come from local farms and small distribution companies who we have close relationships with and all of our dishes are completely animal free. Our menu changes seasonally to reflect the freshest produce and ingredients available to us. Our aim is to provide an exceptional, sustainable meal, with the health of mother earth, and all its inhabitants in mind.

Your branches can only RISE if your ROOTs go deep! Have a deep impact, a deeper meaning and a strong connection to all those around you! We are Root to Rise.

We are building our business from the ground up, our restaurant Hi Flora! will open late spring 2023. Until then please follow us here and on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for our newsletter.

The humble beginnings

Root to Rise began in 2015. It started with the desire to create delicious plant-based cuisine for the Twin Cities area and make a difference in the way people think of vegan food.

Our commitment to the health of the plant and all the beings that inhabit it, is what drives the heart of our business. Root to Rise is woman owned by Chef Heather Marie. Through hands on, quality obsessed work practices, the help of a strong community, and a loyal customers base, Heather has successfully created an amazing menu and made Root to Rise the best vegan caterer/pop-up shop in the Midwest. The Plant Based Pop Up Market was added to the roster in 2020 and Hi Flora! restaurant is the newest additional to the Root to Rise familia. 

Root to Rise works directly with local farmers to find the best options when it comes to sustainable and fresh produce.

Our from-scratch, artfully designed dishes are innovative, vibrant, and unique. We fuse staples from around the world together to create fun and delicious menu items that incorporate rich flavours that our clientele have come to love.

Hippocrates said, “Nature is the Healer of Disease.” So let’s get back to whole organic plant foods the way nature intended them to be.

~Try our Mac 'N Cheese Veggrolls

Our promise

We only put our trust in providers who deliver fresh, sustainable and organic products.


Our philosophy

We follow a holistic approach from crop to table

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